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I purchased a license for sh404SEF today, and installed the lastest version ( As I was playing around with the settings I noticed that the 404 redirection didn't work on my site anymore. If an incorrect URL is entered, sh404SEF redirects to the front page of the site. This is not good - as Google will not reindex the wrong URLs. It might also lead to unwanted URLs being indexed.

For instance, a person could link to a site like this: www.companyname.com/thecompanysucks/, and get the URL indexed in Google, showing the front page when clicked. Not very nice for the site being linked to...

Yesterday, I was surfing the Joomla Extensions Directory for new Joomla Extensions. I noticed that a lot of new extensions for sh404SEF had been added on September 19th.

The extensions are created by JoomAce LLC, the company behind AceSEF, another SEF component for Joomla.

links-with-no-menu-itemSometimes, you might want to create a Joomla page that is not available through a menu. You only want the page to appear when the URL is entered. This might be a 'thank you' page after form submission, a log in page or some other type of 'hidden' page you would need on your Joomla site.

Many users ask about this in the Joomla forums and on Twitter. I decided to write a short tutorial on how to set up a link to an element - article or other type of Joomla assett - with no menu item visible on the site.

sh404sef LogoAnything Digital and Yannick Gaultier has decided to give their users a discount on sh404SEF. This is to mark the joint-venture between Anything Digital and Yannick to continue the development, support and documentation of the SEF component sh404SEF. The codes are valid until September 30th 2009.

You will find the promo codes in this post.

sh404sef-logoAs you might have read, the Joomla SEF extension sh404SEF was almost discontinued some weeks ago. The reason for this was that the developer, Yannick Gaultier, told the community in a blog post he was not able to continue the development of sh404SEF in his spare time.

After a lot of feedback from the Joomla community, he later announced that he'd found a solution for the continuation of the project through a Joomla company.

Late last night, Yannick published a new post, sharing the latest news about the project - and this is good news for all involved!

sh404sef-logoI was very happy to read todays update from Yannick Gaultier about the future of sh404SEF.

It seems he's talking with a "well established Joomla company" and I hope we'll see the continuation of sh404SEF in this company. With Yannick on board as the main developer. That's great news, Yannick - and for the rest of the Joomla community it's pure bliss :)

sh404sef-logoI woke up this morning to a blog post from Yannick Gaultier, developer of the immensely popular Joomla SEF extension sh404SEF.

For reasons know only to himself, he can no longer spend time on developing and supporting sh404SEF. When I first heard it, my heart sunk a bit, but it turned out it might not be as bad as it looks.

sh404sef-logoSiliana has released a new version of their SEF component sh404SEF. The new version number is 1.0.20 Beta build 237.

The update is released to fix a conflict with Superblogger.

superbloggerlogoThere's been a lot of buzz in the Joomla! community about the new Joomla plug-in SuperBlogger from JoomlaWorks.

However, many users have had problems with getting the plugin to work with the SEF component sh404SEF. Now, the problem is located and solutions offered.


Joomla! CMS is a great choice for a website or a blog.

These are the top 10 reasons why I love to use Joomla.

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