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sh404sef LogoAnything Digital and Yannick Gaultier has decided to give their users a discount on sh404SEF. This is to mark the joint-venture between Anything Digital and Yannick to continue the development, support and documentation of the SEF component sh404SEF. The codes are valid until September 30th 2009.

You will find the promo codes in this post.

Yannick writes this in an email today:

"For those of you who wish to subscribe to these services, and to ease the transition, Anything Digital offers the following, time-limited, promotions:"

$10 off sh404SEF (28% discount)

  • Applies to the $35 subscription plan only
  • Expires 30-Sept-2009
  • Use coupon code: sh404-28
35% off Developer Special #2
  • Includes sh404SEF, JCal Pro & Advanced Search
  • Just $65 ($99 if purchased indivicually)
  • Instant savings, no coupon code required
$50 off Lifetime subscription
  • Includes all current and future GPL-licensed extensions at
  • No payments again. Ever.
  • Expires 30-Sept-2009
  • Use coupon code: life-50

Still confused by the changes to sh404SEF?

The rest of the email from Yannick is as follows, and again clears up any confusing regarding how sh404SEF will progress:

sh404SEF moves to a new home

As many of you have heard, sh404SEF has moved to a new home at

You can read more about the actions and decisions that lead up to this decision on my blog and our announcement on Monday. In short, after almost a year of inactivity, sh404SEF will now be a commercial GPL extension.

I will remain on as Lead Developer and am confident that my partnership with Anything Digital will renew the innovation and frequent release schedule that sh404SEF users had come to enjoy.

I realize that a commercial GPL model for sh404SEF will not be popular with all users, but I have come to the conclusion this is the only sustainable path for sh404SEF to survive and flourish.

In addition, the team at Anything Digital is dedicated to both the principles of the GPL as well as the sustainability of open source software. They have a proven development model as evidenced by the popularity of JCal Pro, and since our announcement on Monday we have received much support from many areas of the Joomla community.

In response to this support, on Thursday, 10-Sep-2009 we will release a new version of sh404SEF with some bug fixes and new features. Another, much enhanced release is planned for the beginning of October.

An annual subscription to the sh404SEF download service and access to the new forum is priced at $35. Subscription allows unlimited downloads, and there is no restriction or even control on the sites where you use sh404sef.

This service is also available as a bundle with other extensions from Anything Digital. You can compare subscription plans here.

...part about discount codes...

Thank-you for all you loyalty and support in the three years that sh404SEF has been in development. I look forward now to being able to implement the several innovative features that I have in mind, as well as expand sh404sef compatibility list and stability.

Yannick Gaultier
Anything Digital


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