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iJoomla Ad Agency is Joomla Banner/Ads Extension designed to help publishers earn revenue by placing ads on their Joomla sites. Advertisers can submit and upload their ads online, buy packages, start campaigns and run reports.

Publishers can do all that on advertisers' behalf, as well as create zones, add payment methods, approve or reject advertisers, ads and campaigns, and a whole lot more. iJoomla Ad Agency gives your Joomla site its very own ad agency -- and it's the only comprehensive ad serving extension for Joomla. If you've got the traffic, iJoomla Ad Server packs everything you need to make money from it.

Screenshots and features

Campaigns: Advertisers can add campaigns on the front end and also view/edit/pause campaigns



Packages: Admin can create packages on the backend and advertiser can select the package that's suitable for them



Zones: Admin can create unlimited zones and place banners/ads in these zones. Each zone also has code that you can place in any other site



Reports: Both admin and advertisers can run reports in real time based on a specific banner, time-range, campaign, etc.



Ads: Both admin and advertisers can add 7 different types of ads (standard, flash, text, pop ups, etc.), as well as edit/delete ads.



cpanel: Easy navigation in the administrator



Settings: Comprehensive settings: registration, auto approval, automated emails, payment methods and more

Stand-out features

  • Unlimited zones with banner rotation + horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Auto approvals of advertisers, ads, campaigns, if so desired
  • Automated email system with variables for each email template
  • Mobile support for advertisers, campaigns and ads approvals
  • 3 types of packages: Pay per click, per impression, based on time range
  • Set packages to be visible or not on the front end and create free packages
  • Registration wizard: advertisers can sign up, ad banners and campaigns in one session
  • Live payments and reports

Demo front-end
Demo back-end (tester/tester)

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Details about iJoomla Ad Agency

Top features

  • Price $99.99
  • System requirements Joomla! 1.5
  • Company iJoomla
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