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One of the sites I've set up with Joomla is a site for a Norwegian fraternal organization. They have well over a hundred local branches and a similar number of local editors. I've started giving a handful of them access to the Joomla front-end editing system, but have realized that the work flow in Joomla is far from perfect as it is now.

For that reason, I was extremely happy to see that there's a work flow extension in the works - addressing exactly the needs I have with the site mentioned.

K2 is a great new GPL extension from JoomlaWorks. It's used for managing content that packs a lot more punch than the traditional Joomla content component can offer.

It provides a flexible article format that allows you to add images, attachments, comments, and even custom fields to your content.

RocketTheme obviously likes the K2 product a lot, as they have decided to implement support for this extension in their own extensions.

Latest Orders VirtuemartI recently found a very useful and time-saving extension for Virtuemart.

The "Latest Orders VM" module for the Joomla administrator back-end provides a quick way of accessing your Virtuemart orders, right from the control panel.

As a SEO aware web developer, you should learn about canonical links and how to use them in Joomla.

Canonical links are tags you enter into your page to ensure that Google indexes the correct page, and to avoid duplicate entries in the Google index.

JCE - Joomla Content EditorThe JCE Administration Component and Editor Plugin have been updated and to make the process of upgrading installing easier, a new installation package is available which installs both the Administration Component and Editor Plugin in one go!

It is also no longer necessary to remove the Editor or Administration Component, or use ftp to copy the new files over the old when upgrading, an upgrade can be done just by installing!

sh404sef-logoSiliana has released a new version of their SEF component sh404SEF. The new version number is 1.0.20 Beta build 237.

The update is released to fix a conflict with Superblogger.

The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) front page has been updated with some layout changes.

I must say I think it looks good, but there's still room for improvement in the way that information is presented.


There's a huge selection of addons for Firefox available.

I've found my favorites for Joomla work and recommend them to everyone.

They will save you a great deal of time, especially when trying to figure out a template is built, bug tracking and fixing and in your day-to-day work as a web developer.

superbloggerlogoSuperBlogger is a new powerful plugin adding blogging functionality to Joomla! 1.5 articles. The plugin integrates popular services like Disqus.com (for comments) and Twitter, along with commonly used blogging tools like tagging, rating, bookmarking and social media sharing.

Add to that MVC template overrides and the ability to process images server-side and you got a real Wordpress contender, if not better in some areas!


Joomla! CMS is a great choice for a website or a blog.

These are the top 10 reasons why I love to use Joomla.

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