RocketTheme releases extensions with K2 support

K2 is a great new GPL extension from JoomlaWorks. It's used for managing content that packs a lot more punch than the traditional Joomla content component can offer.

It provides a flexible article format that allows you to add images, attachments, comments, and even custom fields to your content.

RocketTheme obviously likes the K2 product a lot, as they have decided to implement support for this extension in their own extensions.

rokstories-adminOnce you've created your content (or migrated it from traditional Joomla content), you can completely customize the resulting views with simple overrides via CSS or template files. Such is the power of the extension, RocketTheme has released four of their key extensions with native K2 support.

They've taken their four key modules that use traditional Joomla articles and added support for K2 articles and categories. The modules that have been released with this support are:

RocketTheme has used some sophisticated module parameters to make this configuration process and clean and simple as possible. Switching between Joomla content, and K2 content, is as simple as clicking a button.

Head on over to the Extension section of the RocketTheme website to learn more.

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