Easily Spot your Virtuemart Orders in the Joomla Backend

Latest Orders VirtuemartI recently found a very useful and time-saving extension for Virtuemart.

The "Latest Orders VM" module for the Joomla administrator back-end provides a quick way of accessing your Virtuemart orders, right from the control panel.

The module is developed by Style13. You can decide what types of orders (based on order status) will be shown in the list. Clicking on the link takes you directly to the order page, saving you a couple of clicks, and some time for each order. If I have more than one order in the list, I normally open each one in a new tab. That way, I don't need to go to the orders list between each one.

This extension has saved me tons of time!

You install the module as you normally would. Then go to the Module Manager and click on the "Administrator" link (just below the "Module Manager" title). Find the module in the list, activate it and assign it to the cpanel position. I also prefer having this module as the first one shown in the cpanel position. That way the module is expanded when I log in and I can go directly to my orders.

Features of Latest Orders VM:
  • Virtuemart 1.1.X compatible.
  • Customizable number of orders to view.
  • Quick link to relevant order in shop.
  • Filter orders by order status: pending, confirmed, canceled.
  • Ordering by pre-configured field.
  • Configurable access to shop with custom database prefix.

The module is free, and can be downloaded from the Joomla Extensions Directory here.



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