Simple Shop Remix - Joomla Template for FoxyCart

simpleshop-smallSimple Shop Remix, a recently released template from JoomlaPraise, is the easiest shopping cart in Joomla! Simple Shop Remix combines the best features of Joomla! and the simple shopping cart Foxycart!

This is JoomlaPraise's answer to JoomlaBamboo's recent remix of their template, and a creative way to introduce collaboration between Joomla clubs, since Joomla is really about the community we all build.

This is also the first Joomla! template designed for the slick shopping cart, Foxycart. I really need to check out FoxyCart and the integration with Joomla. I'm getting tired of the bloated interface in Virtuemart. Sorry, guys, but the FoxyCart solution is just so much sexier :)

Read 6126 times Originally published on Saturday, 15 August 2009 02:04
Last modified on Wednesday, 19 August 2009 13:38
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