Impressions from J and Beyond 2011 [VIDEO]

Impressions from J and Beyond 2011 [VIDEO]

Just like last year, I met a lot of interesting people at J and Beyond. And just like last year, I decided to create a video with some testimonials from the event.

This video shows a some impressions from the second J and Beyond conference, that took place in Kerkrade, The Netherlands form May 6th to May 8th 2011.

In this video, some of the participants share what J and Beyond 2011 means to them. There's also some pictures and some footage from the Rolduc venue where the conference happened. Perhaps the video will give you some comfort when you start missing J and Beyond too much - or inspire you to go there next year.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the video - I really enjoyed meeting you and all of the other Joomla geeks attending!

Note: The video is available in resolutions up to 720 HD, so make sure you choose a higher resolution if your bandwidth allows it (and remember to turn the volume up).

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