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Joomanuals is an online service which generates custom user manuals to help you save time and impress your clients.

I have written about Joomanuals before. Now this excellent service is also available in Dutch.

Joomanuals is thus available in English, German and Dutch. More languages are in the pipeline, so keep reading this blog to be on top of the development.

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techjoomlaAs you might have seen, I try to find a monthly, discounted Joomla product for you. Normally, this is through a coupon offered by a template or extensions developer. April is no exception.

This month I am able to present a 15% discount on all products from the Indian developer TechJoomla.

Techjoomla offers a wide array of commercial as well as free, open source Joomla extensions covering a wide array of requirements. Examples are extensions that improve the capabilities of JomSocial and Community Builder.

Use the code JBTECHJOOM to get your 15% discount when shopping at

sh404sef-main-logoA new sh404SEF release, version, was published yesterday that natively supports the popular social networking extension JomSocial as well as the forum application Kunena.

‘Native support’ means that, in addition to getting human-readable URLs, you can now configure how the URLs are created with simple options right in the sh404SEF configuration screens.

joomanuals-jb-manualIf you are a Joomla website developer or consultant like me, you often need to create documentation for the websites you create. This can be a tedious task, and sometimes a repetitive one.

The fact is that many (most?) web development companies don't bother to give their clients any documentation at all. By providing well thought-out documentation to your clients you will cement the relationship and attract new clients. The only thing is... It takes a lot of time to do documentation for each site.

Now there's a service available which makes the documentation process much easier. It's actually quite fun!

Joomanuals is an online service which generates custom user manuals to help you save time and impress your clients.

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jomsocial-16JomSocial 1.6 - [Brillo] has been officially released and is now available for download

Azrul has worked long and hard on this release--adding new features and refining the product to make a faster, streamlined and better JomSocial. And just like it's name suggests, Brillo is clean, powerful..and just plain rocks. We think you will agree.

So what's new about JomSocial 1.6, erm, Brillo? Well, for starters, we have resolved over 170 minor issues that were logged in our internal issue tracking system. You can view the complete change log here, but let me briefly highlight some of JomSocial Brillo's exciting new features.


Anything Digital has released a new version of the SEF URL component sh404SEF.

Today's release of sh404SEF (V 1.5.5) has a full set of settings to customize the layout of your page title (at least for Joomla regular content). The default values are the same as the those for urls, but now you can change it to your liking.

The new version also includes a new layout and most importantly the new "similar urls" suggestions section.

K2 logoYesterday, Joomla extensions developer JoomlaWorks released version 2.2 of their immensely popular and useful content component - K2.

K2 is the popular powerful content component for Joomla! with CCK-like features.

Virtuemart 1.1.14 releasedThe Virtuemart team has released a new version of their free e-commerce solution for Joomla. It's been a long time since the last version was released - back in January 2009.

Version 1.1.14 of VirtueMart is mostly a bug fix release as far as I can see from the change log. One new feature, however, is the support for PHP 5.3.

I purchased a license for sh404SEF today, and installed the lastest version ( As I was playing around with the settings I noticed that the 404 redirection didn't work on my site anymore. If an incorrect URL is entered, sh404SEF redirects to the front page of the site. This is not good - as Google will not reindex the wrong URLs. It might also lead to unwanted URLs being indexed.

For instance, a person could link to a site like this:, and get the URL indexed in Google, showing the front page when clicked. Not very nice for the site being linked to...

Yesterday, I was surfing the Joomla Extensions Directory for new Joomla Extensions. I noticed that a lot of new extensions for sh404SEF had been added on September 19th.

The extensions are created by JoomAce LLC, the company behind AceSEF, another SEF component for Joomla.

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