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At the moment, I'm working on a directory site based on Joomla and Sobi Pro. On this site, I would like to display news stories related to the topic the directory is about.

On one of the site's pages, I've used a new Javascript from the guys at Joomlaworks to pull in news stories from websites that talk about the same subject matter. However, sometimes the general news media also writes about it. That's not so easy to pick up. Of course, I could set up an automatic Google Reader feed and have it show all the results from that feed. However, that's too generic and will sometimes display undesired, irrelevant or, at worst, inappropriate content on my site.

thumb_feedburner-logoIf you use the syndication module on your Joomla site, the visitors may click on the RSS icon in their browser to choose between RSS or Atom feeds.

For those of you who use Feedburner, I suggest the following for adding the Feedburner subscription link directly: