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The JCK architecture marks the next generation of internet based editors. With more apps, beautifully crafted interface, superfast performance, state-of-the-art internal linking, out-of-the-box file browsing, web editing has never felt snappier and more responsive.

We’ve been under the hood and Joomla-ised its logic into a seamless and extendable integration. Users can now choose what, plug-ins, layouts, skins, and configure the editor for real-time editing with ease! 
Apps can be used to quickly and simply expand the functionality of the editor and with the largest extension base of all Joomla editors you'll be able - to do much more…

Screenshots and features

With more power the JCK Explorer can manage files via collection of beautifully crafted layouts & skins!
Internal linking - it already supports many 3rd partly apps which include: Virtuemart, Zoo, K2, Jdownload

You can quickly configure the editor to use your own typography.

Block Element and Special Formats can also be applied to the editing area on the fly.

Just select the layout element and drag-and-drop it to custom tailor your editor, your way!

Plug-ins are the cornerstone of customisation, letting you personalize your editing experience.

Standout features

  1. Beautiful User Interface
  2. Superfast Performance
  3. Next-Generation Graphics
  4. User Friendly File Browsing
  5. Cutting-edge Internal Content Linking
  6. Largest Editor Plug-in Repository
  7. State-of-the-art Joomla Integration
  8. Visit us & find our why 1000’s - Are Making The Switch!
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