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Freestyle Support Portal allows Joomla users to have an advanced support/helpdesk system on their website. Freestyle Support Portal is different as it features 5 modules within 1 component – these include an advanced ticket support system, FAQs, knowledge base, testimonials and announcements modules.

Screenshots and features

All 5 modules are highly flexible and powerful so they can be tailored for individual use. Joomla Users can get all 5 of these modules for the price of what just one extension usually costs! People who visit a Joomla website featuring Freestyle Support Portal will be able to quickly view and search FAQs; view and search knowledge base articles with detailed text and images, users can comment on articles and rate them for usefulness; if they cannot find the information they are looking for they can simply open a new support ticket which can be specifically tailored to include unlimited products, categories and departments; users can submit customer testimonials which can be moderated and they can keep up to date with announcements.

All this can take place within ONE Joomla extension! Don’t waste time downloading and installing individual extensions; Freestyle Support Portal can do all these in one!

Demo SitesDocumentation/Support - Forum




Knowledge base articles can contain detailed information applied to all products or individual products, document upload, user rating systems, optional comments and moderation and optional Captcha entry



Stand-Out Features

  • Freestyle Joomla are highly responsive and encourage user feedback for future development
  • Excellent demo sites with examples of how to use Freestyle Support Portal is you have a small, medium or large website
  • The ticket support system is highly advanced and flexible – customise all fields, products, categories, departments, priority levels, email templates, forwarding and replying options, handler and ownership settings
  • The FAQs section can be completely customised visually with various viewing styles, hide/show options and search options
  • The knowledge base modules allows you to display detailed articles in a logical order, easily searchable, comments with optional moderation, Captcha entry, various viewing styles, hide/show options and search options
  • The testimonials section allows users to add testimonials with optional moderation and Captcha entry
  • The announcements module enables users to keep up to date with recent news items and announcements
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Details about Freestyle Support Portal

Top features

  • Price The extension is available for just $29.95 - this includes all of the 5 modules mentioned and payments are accepted through PayPal.
  • System requirements Joomla! 1.5
  • Company Freestyle Joomla
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