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During J and Beyond 2012, the organizers showed the almost finished version of a brand new promo video for Joomla. The video, created by Swedish company Joomlaproffs.se, is a 2 minute promotional video of the project, highlighting the benefits of Joomla.

I think it looks really professional, and conveys the message well. Great work!

think-differentBuilding a strong brand has a lot to do with being unique. And it's about positioning your brand so the audience knows who you are and what you stand for.

There are many shoe manufacturers out there, but Nike stands out because they "just do it". Apple sets itself apart from other companies by being extremely innovative and actually creating new product segments (the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad - need I say more?). Apple used the slogan Think different for a number of years.

A Content Management System in itself is not anything unique. There are many CMS out there, and quite a few of them have a lot going for them. How do they set themselves apart from the crowd? What do their brands stand for? In this post, I take a look at how three other CMS present themselves and how Joomla compares.

akeeba-quota-ill2As you might have noticed, my blog was unavailable on and off for about 36 hours a few days ago. Obviously, this is not something I'm happy about.

The reason for the down-time seemed to be some trouble with the mySQL server. It just didn't want to start. I tried everything I knew, then contacted my hosting company. They told me to restart the mysqld service (done). They then told me to reboot the server (done). After several more emails from me, describing the problem, I didn't hear anything.

Come the next day, I sent some more emails to the hosting company. Still no response. Around 1 pm, I called them. As it turns out, some other server in their hosting environment had been hacked and they'd been working on that one first... Doh! It took the support tech 2 mins to determine my disk was full!

ebay-logoAs I mentioned a few days ago, there was going to be a big announcement for Joomla today. eBay announced earlier today that the company is going to use Joomla, the world's largest open source content management system (CMS). Joomla will be used for its thousands of employees to share information in its community portal. It might not be as big as it seemed at first, but I believe it's still a really good thing for Joomla.

The "Community Analytics" program will enable eBay's 16,400 employees to source and analyze massive amounts of data to power ideas and learning across the company.

In exchange, eBay will contribute its experiences by becoming part of the Joomla open source community

5year-infographic-es-illThis infographic shows the history of Joomla from its inception in 2005 until today and is the Spanish version of the original one I did for Joomla's fifth birthday on September 1st 2010.

The graphic also shows key figures for the project as of today.

I hope you enjoy the infographic and share with everyone you know :)

Thanks to Steve Burge, Brian Teeman and Peter van Westen for help with this project, and to Isidro Baquero from www.gnumla.com for the Spanish translation.

Esta infografía muestra la historia de Joomla! desde su concepción en 2005 hasta nuestros días, y es la versión en español de la original que creé para el 5º cumpleaños de Joomla! el 1 de Septiembre de 2010.

Además, el gráfico muestra algunos datos clave del proyecto a día de hoy.

Espero que disfrutéis de la infografía y la compartáis con todos vuestros conocidos ;).

Gracias a Seteve Burge, Brian Teeman y Peter Van Westen por su ayuda con este proyecto, y a Isidro Baquero de www.gnumla.com por la traducción al español.

5year-infographic-illAs you know, all 5-year olds love gifts (and cake) - I know mine did :) So, I made a birthday gift to the Joomla Community. It's an infographic showing the history of Joomla from the start in 2005 until today.

The graphic also shows key figures for the project as of today.

I hope you enjoy the infographic and share with everyone you know :)

Thanks to Steve Burge, Brian Teeman and Peter van Westen for help with this project.

5th_birthday_cakeToday Joomla! turns five years old. Congratulations to all!

There are lots of people congratulating Joomla in their own special way today. Read on for a list of exciting posts and info.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about the Apple iPad. The iPhone big brother arrived a few weeks ago, and Apple has sold a huge number of devices already.

The iPad is already a success, and as a device for consuming information it's really great.

So how does this relate to your reality as a Joomla user? In short: You need to make sure that your Joomla website works on the iPad. And not just that it works. It should be a delight surfing your website on the iPad.

The Scribe SEO websiteScribe is an SEO service that analyzes your content and tells you how you can make it better for search engines and get ranked higher. The service has been available for Drupal and WordPress for a while. A message about Joomla! support has been seen on the Scribe SEO site for a couple of months or so.

Today, the free Scribe SEO extension for Joomla was released.

The extension has been developed by the guys over at JoomlaShack in coorporation with Scribe SEO.

Avoid failing at Joomla

I was surfing Twitter and the Joomla Forums today and noticed people complaining about a lot of issues. Many of them were 'victims' of one or more of the following reasons people fail at using Joomla:

  1. Not taking the time to learn the basics
  2. Using a bad template
  3. Not having a backup plan
  4. Installing a new version without doing a backup
  5. Not bothering to read and understand the security checklist
  6. Not learning even a tiny bit of CSS
  7. Installing new extensions on a production site without testing them
  8. Ranting and shouting in the forums, thereby losing out on the help you would get if your were thinking before shouting
  9. Oops, I guess I couldn't think of anything more - how about you?
  10. ?
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