Ultimate Joomla Template and Extension Provider List

There are thousands of Joomla templates and extensions available on the market.

In this post you'll find a large listing of Joomla template and extension providers, and directories of the same. You'll find both commercial and free templates and extensions.

If you're looking for quality Joomla templates for professional use, you might want to look at one of the below providers. Many of them offer monthly templates.

Most of them have a subscription based payment system. You buy a membership for a specific period and level of use, and get access to the templates and extensions accordingly.

The list will be expanded continuosly - and in time it may actually live up to it's name and be the ultimate list of Joomla template and extension resources ;) If you know a provider not mentioned here, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Name Comments Price

Joomla Extensions Directory

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The first choice for finding Joomla extensions is obviously the main Joomla Extensions Directory (JED).

All of the extensions listed here, both free and commercial, comply with the GPL (Gnu Public License) as of June 2009.



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They combine expertise in eye-catching graphic layout with modern web design standards built in Joomla Free & paid templates and extensions.    Developer's Club : $ 399.00                     Training :
2 months : $72.00
4 months : $122.00
6 months : $152.00

CMS Market

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CMS Market strives to be your resource for listing your extensions, whether they are for Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Mambo or any other CMS. Free & paid templates and extensions!       Subscription:
SimSu : $ 39.99
Mighty : $ 59.00
CMS : $ 59.50
AMBRA : $ 69.99


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Monthly Joomla templates and a good selection of extensions. I think some of the designs are a bit old-fashioned, not as smooth and elegant as the YooTheme or RocketTheme templates. They have improved lately, though. Other than that, the templates are well put together and serve their purpose.

Depending on what type of membership you choose you can download different templates, source files and more, plus be part of the Shape 5 forum community. Free members will have access to free templates and free extensions and certain parts of the forum. Paying members will have access to all downloads and full access to the forum during the time of their membership.

2 months 1 Domain: $ 49.99
1 year 3 Domains: $ 69.99
1 year Unlimited Domains: $ 109.99

1 year Unlimited Domains: $ 224.99

Lifetime Unlimited Domains : FREE


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Joomla Creative was founded in March 2006 as a creative boutique passionate about the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). jc_start: $ 9.95
jc_sports: $ 14.95
jc_absolution: $ 14.95
jc_blossom: $ 19.95
jc_Blog: $ 19.95

Joomla Bamboo

JoomlaBlogger Favorite!

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Minimalist design and clean code. I use template from Joomla Bamboo for several clients and find them easy to customize and well programmed SEO-wise. Joomla Bamboo have some nice extensions following their templates, nicely integrated with K2 and other extensions.

  • 44+ Current Joomla templates
  • One new Joomla template every month
  • All designs are xhtml and css valid.
3 months: $ 40.00
6 months: $ 50.00
12 months: $ 70.00

6 months: $ 125.00
12 months: $ 195.00

Pure Joomla!

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The one-stop shop for great Joomla templates. As a professional template club, they provide with a wide variety of themes, and do so at a very reasonable price. and all of the templates validate according to W3C XHTML and CSS Standards. Plans:
1 Month standard: $45
1 Year standard: $65
Developer: $150
Lifetime Developer: $350


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Providing Open Source Content Management systems like Joomla and offers custom design services. Basic:
M1 3 months: $ 45.00
M2 6 months: $ 70.00

D1 3 months: $ 75.00
D2 6 months: $ 128.00 Individual Product : $ 35.00


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The website provides premium templates for Joomla with a membership based system, where the template specifically to users that already signing up to the website Siver 4 months: $ 39.00
Gold 1 year: $ 65.00
Developer 1 year: $ 189.00


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Providing Joomla templates which are very friendly to search engine robots.

Their next generation of templates are based on the new Morph framework

Subscription types (domain licenses in brackets:
Copper (1) - 3 months: $49.00
Bronze (3) - 6 months: $79.00
Silver (5) - 6 months: $99.00
Gold (10) - 1 year: $149.00
Platinum (Unlimited) - 1 year: $249.00

Design For Joomla (D4J)

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D4U makes another addition to the top Joomla template sellers in the market, providing both free and commercial templates Club Membership:

3 months: $ 10.00
6 months: $ 15.00
1 year: $ 20.00
3 year: $ 30.00       Festive Offer : All templates @ $ 2.99

Joomla Template Designs

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Providing commercial and free templates. Joomlatd offers 2 purchase options. Single template purchase and all templates. Templates:
1 (One): € 27,00
2 (Two) : € 42,00
3 (Three) : € 52,00          4 (Four) : € 62,00             5 (Five) : € 72,00               6 (Six) : € 81,00

You! Joomla

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Youjoomla.com is Joomla Templates Club specializing in Joomla Templates and Extensions Development. 1 Year Subscription (One time Fee!)

Developer : $298.00
Platinum : $90.00
Gold : $ 75.00
Silver : $ 55.00

Renew after 1 year


JoomlaBlogger Favorite!

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JoomlaPraise template and extension is specifically made for Joomla! 1.5 Joomla Bundle : $ 79.20
Admin Bundle : $ 79.20
Projectfork Bundle : $ 79.20

Individual prices starts from : $9.60


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They are creating some of the most useful templates and extensions for web design projects. Their extensions code is open and well commented for user friendly customization. Club:
Template : $ 89.00
Extension : $ 89.00

Combo : $ 139.00
Developers : $ 229.00


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Providers of Joomla 1.5 Templates from $24.00 onwards
10 Joomla templates: $ 100.00
10 Drupal Themes : $ 100.00
5 Magneto : $ 250.00


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Atict offers fully customizable joomla templates suited for all industries.

1 Month : € 125,00
3 Months : € 199,00
12 Months : € 299,00 Prices Starts : € 26,99

CMS Lounge

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CMS Lounge designs clean and minimalist Joomla 1.5 templates.Their templates feature clean code that loads quickly and doesn't negatively affect search engine rankings Free & Paid templates from $35.00 onwards


10 templates @ $ 98.00


JoomlaBlogger Favorite!

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RocketTheme specializes in Joomla templates, Joomla 1.5 templates and phpBB3 platforms and proudly develops Joomla templates every month. Now they have over 80 professional templates in their club and more arriving every month.

The Joomla templates from Rockettheme are complex, well-designed and have a lot of extra functionality through RocketTheme extensions. These extensions are well-made and very nicely designed. They recently took the time to upgrade all of their templates to 1.5 native, so even the older templates are now fully compatible with Joomla 1.5. This is a huge added value for their subscribers.
Another nice thing about RocketTheme is that they also provide phpBB templates in the same style as the Joomla templates. That way you can easily set up a forum looking similar to the main Joomla site. They have well-made forum themselves, which has sections for each template and extension, as well as different other Joomla related subjects.

If I have anything negative to say about RocketTheme, it's the fact that their Joomla templates are so complex it's sometimes time-consuming and hard to make customizisations. It might also be wise to wait for some time before going live with a new template, as they are often updated 2 and 3 times because of browser issues, bugs etc that the users discover


Joomla Club:
2 months: $ 50/40/0
6 months: $ 75/60/60
12 months: $ 90/75/75

Developer Club:
1 year: $ 300/240/240

Special Offer : 80 Professional Templates @ $50.00

Joomla Capital

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They offer Joomla 1.5 templates and Joomla templates to most traffic rather than just the Joomla fans. Along with their distinct selling, they have renamed template packages to ‘credits’. E.g. If you buy 5 credits, you can actually download 5 templates and use on 5 different domains. Unlimited Joomla Templates Downloads = $49.00


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Joomla Templates offered here at Template Monster are designed especially for use with the Joomla CMS platform. They are all professionally designed for high quality in function and in looks. Available in all price range

Joomla 51

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Commercial templates. The customer service is very good, and response time is extremely quick. Individual prices @ $19.00


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IceTheme is a Joomla Template Club delivering high quality Joomla Templates that are usable and accessible Starter Membership (3 months): $59.00
Standard membership (1 year): $79.00
Developer membership (1 year): $199.00


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Providers of Joomla 1.5 Templates from $24.00 onwards
10 Joomla templates: $ 100.00
10 Drupal Themes : $ 100.00
5 Magneto : $ 250.00


JoomlaBlogger Favorite!

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YooTheme is a German software development house specializing in Joomla templates. They also provide a large collection of Joomla extensions. Both templates and extensions are extremely well designed and smooth. They are also frequently updated with new functionality.

YooTheme have made video and text tutorials for all of their templates and extensions, and they're very nicely done. It's easy to find instructions on how to set up and use the different products.

Custom-made Joomla templates. The newer templates are based on the Warp5 framework. Warp5 is a slick and powerful template framework for Joomla that lets you create sophisticated Joomla templates in no time. It provides a hybrid fluid-pixel grid and a lot of elaborate functionality.

Memberships available:
Silver (3 months/1 license): €39
Gold (12 months/3 licences): €79
Platinum (12 months/unlimited): €249

Estime Templates

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All of Estime Templates free Joomla templates are valid XHTML and CSS Free


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Free clean and professional looking template designed mainly for corporation websites. Pro Standard: $39
Pro Unlimited: $59 


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Joomlaxe is personal site for free joomla templates Free


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JA Template Club:      3 months : $59.00    1 year : $70.00
JA Extensions Club: $50 / year
JA Dev. Club: $499 / year JA Single Product : $99.00 onwards


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TemplateWorks is a new project by Komrade Ltd., acclaimed Joomla! professionals with many years of experience and developers of some of the highest traffic websites ever built with Joomla! They already run the JoomlaWorks network, and are developing extensions like K2 (CCK for Joomla).

At their site, they provide a nice selection of well-designed Joomla platforms - completely free.



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Joomla Extensions, among them JUGA, which is a Joomla extension that allows additional control over what content is available to which users. Support subscriptions from $39.99 - $199.99 depending on product and length of subscription.


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Templatemagician offers a large selection of templates for Joomla and other CMS. They offer both free and paid templates, as well as custom development.

Templates from $21.00 each.


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Templates and Extensions for Joomla and Virtuemart.

They make a lot of add-ons for Virtuemart, which makes it very easy to customize the look of different elements in Virtuemart.


Prices from €16.49, depending on product.

Example: Virtuemart template €24.99


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Provides a lot of extensions: Modules and Components for Joomla.
  • Free upgrades for life
  • Free support
  • Discount when buying additional licenses

Extensions from $69.99 to $99.99.


{extravote 36}

This one was submitted by Bonnie Landau (thanks, Bonnie!):
"I love their templates. They are light on code, HTML compliant and rarely have technical issues. I only wish they’d be more create in their designs because most of their templates look like the same structure, just a different skin."
Individual templates from €25

Pro Developer Membership:
3 months: € 79,00
12 months: € 99,00

Joomla Monster

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Template provider. Commercial templates and some free ones as well.

Individual templates starting from : $28.00


Hot Joomla Templates

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Hot Joomla Templates design and develop premium Joomla templates and extensions to make your websites look and work better.Designs have flexible layout and unlimited color styles.



{extravote 39}

corephp offers a wide range of professional services that include web designs, custom components, print jobs and corporate identity development.

Actual prices may differ from what's mentioned here. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

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