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Open Source Support DeskToday I'm going to talk a bit about professional support plans for Joomla. Are they something for you?

Making websites with Joomla is great fun. It's rewarding to make something yourself, right? I know it is for me!

It's great to watch a website grow from an idea into something that people enjoy every day. Something that fulfills your goals, and, if that's your goal: Something that makes you some cash.

Sometimes you need help - and now!

All this is good. However, sometimes there are too few hours in a day to solve everything. Sometimes you just need to solve something fast, and not spend hours and hours searching online to find the exact solution. Making websites with Joomla can get quite complex after a while. As a small business or organization you might not have all the skills needed yourself to solve a sudden problem.

That's when you need help from the support department, right?