Benefits of using professional help for Joomla!

Open Source Support DeskToday I'm going to talk a bit about professional support plans for Joomla. Are they something for you?

Making websites with Joomla is great fun. It's rewarding to make something yourself, right? I know it is for me!

It's great to watch a website grow from an idea into something that people enjoy every day. Something that fulfills your goals, and, if that's your goal: Something that makes you some cash.

Sometimes you need help - and now!

All this is good. However, sometimes there are too few hours in a day to solve everything. Sometimes you just need to solve something fast, and not spend hours and hours searching online to find the exact solution. Making websites with Joomla can get quite complex after a while. As a small business or organization you might not have all the skills needed yourself to solve a sudden problem.

That's when you need help from the support department, right?

Have your own support department? Didn't think so ;)

For most Joomla users, the support department is non-existent. You're probably just a few people in your business, or you work on the Joomla site yourself. A full-time support person is not something you can afford.

Luckily, there is a solution even for small businesses and individuals!

Professional support services for Joomla

Michel van Agtmaal and Kristoffer Sandven
Michel van Agtmaal and me at J and Beyond 2011

One of the companies that provide support for Joomla is Open Source Support Desk. The company was started over 5 years ago by Michel van Agtmaal.

You might have seen him in one of my videos from J and Beyond 2010, where he talks with Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos about the Joomla Forward initiative.

Today, Open Source Support Desk has offices in The Netherlands, United States and Nepal, making sure people are on watch around the clock to help people like you with their Joomla support needs.

The benefits are many, for both designers, business owners and developers:

If you're a designer, they can help you:

  • Convert your designs to installable and bug free templates
  • Modify the view of extensions
  • Provide you with expert advice on how to choose the most current and quality extensions
  • Check requirements and install, configure and update your CMS and its extensions
  • Fix bugs for you
  • Help you secure your client's web site
  • Answer technical questions for you and your client.

If you're a business owner, they can help you:

  • Optimize your website
  • Work smarter
  • Improve the stickiness of your site
  • Connect your site to RSS and social media sites like facebook, twitter and linkedin and expand your audience
  • Setup email marketing tools
  • Create and support web based applications
  • Get results through call-to-action: improve your conversion rates!
And finally, if you're a developer, Open Source Support Desk can assist you to:
  • Solve any hosting issues
  • Stage your project from development to testing and finally production
  • Best practice advise for choosing 3rd party extensions and templates
  • Help you with configurations and settings
  • Help you with custom coding
  • Tweak and debug
  • Secure the site

These are just some ideas on what a professional support plan for Joomla can mean for you. I guess you can find lots of other ways to utilize such a support deal.

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I hope you enjoyed this overview about getting professional Joomla support. It's certainly something to consider if you are serious about making successful websites with Joomla.
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