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Best of JoomlaBlogger.netI'm happy to announce that I've published my first ebook today. The book is a 48-page PDF featuring a selection of the most popular posts from this blog.

From the feedback I've gotten so far, people seem to like it :)

I hope you will enjoy the ebook!

The ebook is free. The only thing you need to do is to sign up for my weekly newsletter.

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  1. About the author
  2. Link to Joomla articles with no menu item
  3. Free yourself with Joomla template overrides
    1. Examples of Joomla template overrides
    2. How to customize the output of 'category list layouts'
    3. How to customize the output of com_contact
  4. How to create line breaks in Joomla article titles
  5. Exploring the Joomla meta tags (part 1)
    1. What Are Meta Tags?
    2. What Meta Tags should I use?
    3. TITLE
    4. Description
    5. Keywords
    6. Author
    7. Robots meta tag
    8. Generator
  6. Joomla meta tags, part 2: Built-in functionality! 14
    1. How to use the built-in Joomla meta tag functions (and a small mod)
    2. Title tag
    3. The Description tag
    4. Pitfalls of using the global meta description field - duplicate descriptions
    5. Meta description on pages other than articles
    6. RSSeo
    7. SEOSimple
    8. Taking your Joomla meta tags to the next level
  7. Joomla meta tags (part 3): sh404SEF! 19
    1. Meta tag management in sh404SEF
    2. Title tags in sh404SEF
    3. Why would you want to remove the section/category from the title?
    4. Meta description tags in sh404SEF
    5. How to customize your meta tags in sh404SEF
    6. Following pages in Joomla frontpage and blog layouts
    7. Some points to remember about SEO and Joomla
  8. Joomla meta tags (part 4): Google Webmaster Tools! 24
    1. Diagnose Your Meta Tags
    2. Duplicate meta descriptions
    3. Missing title tags
    4. Duplicate title tags
    5. Meta tags will improve your site rankings - go improve them!
  9. Six steps to get your Joomla site indexed in Google! 30
    1. Why it's Important to get Indexed by the Search Engines
    2. Linking is Key
    3. Your Template Makes a Difference
    4. Create Sitemaps for Users and Search Engines
    5. Submit Your Site to Google Webmaster Tools
    6. Make Use of Robots.txt for Submission
    7. Check Which Pages are Indexed
    8. End Note About Search Engine Visibility
  10. Secure your Joomla sites before they are hacked!
  11. Joomla CSS for beginners
    1. What is CSS?
    2. Joomla CSS and templates
    3. CSS Best Practices!
    4. Don't repeat styles if you don't need to
    5. Use Firebug to Test Your CSS
    6. Take some time to learn CSS
    7. Easy to get started with CSS and Joomla
    8. Recommended reading for learning CSS
  12. 10 Ways to Fail at Joomla
  13. 10 things you can do to improve your Joomla site
  14. Easy Joomla documentation with Joomanuals
    1. Easy step-by-step process to create a manual
    2. JooManuals features in detail
    3. Benefits of Joomanuals
    4. Pricing and value
  15. Resources
    1. SEO Tools
    2. Template providers
    3. Recommended books
  16. Joomla coupons
    1. Joomla support from Open Source Support Desk
    2. 20% off a 1-year subscription for sh404SEF
    3. 10% discount on all JoomlaBamboo products
    4. 6 months extended subscription on Joomanuals

To get the ebook for free, sign up for my weekly newsletter.

Or you can buy the book for €5 here:

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