10 great Joomla reads for today

Here are 10 articles I read today. Joomla related? Well, most of them ;)

  1. Joomla.org: Andrew Eddie to Give Live Video Presentation of Joomla 1.6
  2. Problogger: How to build a successful blog, featuring Tim Ferriss
  3. Joomla.org: One Month into Multi-site
  4. JoomSuite: Official statement regarding site been hacked (don't forget to block IP
  5. Joomla Security Checklist (I hope you've read this already...!)
  6. Brian Teeman: Spot the difference - the forgotten interface
  7. Brian Teeman: Automatic Joomla updates
  8. Joomla! CMS Development Google Group: Is "Use Global confusing for users?"
  9. Joomla! CMS Development Google Group: Joomla 1.6 interface ideas
  10. Ooyes.net: 20 Excellent Blogs for Those Who Love Design

Enjoy your read :)

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Last modified on Tuesday, 14 July 2009 23:34
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