Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 15)

Joomla blog posts - week 15Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 15.

The team is working on the new community site. And the Joomla leadership teams are working hard to increase the transparency of the project.

There are also some interesting views on the improvements of and some insights into the work of developers in the Joomla community.


Communityjoomla: The new

Written by Steven Pignataro strives hard to provide an easy to use site with simplicity and accessibility. We are currently in the process of presenting the Joomla! community with what (we hope) you will find as powerful and exciting improvements to the way you use main site and sub sites.

In the next few months, and it's sister sites are going to undergo some design enhancements.

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Joomlaleadership: Ask The Joomla! Team

Written by Robert Deutz

As you may know the Joomla leadership teams have been working hard to increase our transparency and open our disussions and decision processes. We hope we're moving in the right direction and you as a community sent a lot of constructive feedback from the "Better Communication With the Joomla Community" blog post.

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Techjoomla: J!Growl - Realtime Notifications for Everything!

Written by Techjoomla

TechJoomla Labs is proud to present you with J!Growl. So, What is J!Growl?

J!Growl is a real time notification system for any kind of notification in Joomla. Simple things examples might be a Growl alert when a a user logs in, or when you get a new message,etc..

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Howtojoomla: Announcing /motif - a New Template Framework for Joomla!

Written by Cory Webb

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of our new Joomla! template framework, /motif. Actually, it's not that new. We built /motif back in October of 2009 for our own purposes.

/motif is a template development framework for Joomla! built to simplify the development of fully-custom Joomla! templates and empower web designers to become Joomla! template developers.

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Gnomeontherun: Suggestions for improvements - Part 1

A few comments here and there, on blogs or twitter, have pushed me to do this post. I previous compared Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla's project hompages, and you'll see I was pretty easy on my comments and suggestions at the time, but I have always felt I did an injustice by not going deeper.

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Joomlabamboo: Bamboo gets with the SVN

Written by Anthony Olsen

In the last week or two the Bamboo team have made a gigantic leap into the future by shifting to using a subversion repository for all of our template and extension development. And while I can hear some of you saying "well what took you so long" it is an idea that I've toyed with over the last few years but it always felt like overkill.

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Alltogetherasawhole: Nooku Developer Portal Opens

Written by Amy Stephen

On Saturday, the Nooku team proudly opened the Nooku Developer Portal. If you are a Joomla! developer, you should take time to check out the Nooku Framework. Most of you know that the team is headed by Johan Janssens who lead the Joomla! 1.5 effort and has been dubbed by all as "the architect" of the 1.5 framework. He, and his team, continue his vision of the framework with Nooku.

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