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ten-tips-seoSEO - or Search Engine Optimization - is a complex area of web development. I've been working with SEO for a number of years, and with Joomla and SEO for almost 4 years now.

In this post, I talk about ten important factors you should consider when optimizing your site.

For me, SEO is about what you do every day. SEO is a long term strategy - not a quick fix.

If you implement these factors, you will see increased search engine traffic to your site. All without breaking your neck performing them ;)

I have previously written several blog posts about Joomla and SEO.

The first one was Six steps to get your Joomla site indexed in Google. In the post, I talk about things you can do to make your Joomla site attractive in the most important search engine of them all.

A later post was the fourth in my series on Joomla meta tags which discussed how to check your Joomla meta tags in Google Webmaster Tools.

Both of the posts mention Google Webmaster Tools and how to use various functions of these useful tools.

I recently figured out, though, that many people have trouble understanding how to verify their Joomla website in Google Webmaster Tools.

By verifying your site with Google. you tell them that you are the owner of the website and that they may show details about the site to you. Without verifying your site you won't get access to a lot of the more advanced functions of Google Webmaster Tools.

Read on to get the full instructions on how to verify your Joomla site in Google Webmaster Tools.

This is the fourth part of a series of posts on how to work with meta elements in Joomla.

Meta tags are tags, or meta elements, that (mostly) contain information about the website or page which is not shown directly to the user.

In this part I will show you how to use the Google Webmaster Tools to monitor and improve your Joomla meta tags.