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rework-front-coverAs I wrote a few days ago in my post about  recommended software for your small business, I use software from 37Signals. The guys behind 37Signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier-Hansson, have written a book called Rework.

In the book they outline the strategies which have made them such a successful company. And these strategies do not involve growing like mad, getting as much outside money as possible, spending wildly or work a crazy number of hours each day.

Rework is about doing things differently. Cut the crap, really. Do you really need long meetings? Do you need to control what every employee does every single minute? Do you really need outside money? Do everything have to be perfect before you launch it? The list of topics go on and on.

Just wanted to post a quick note about two upcoming reviews here on the blog.

I just received two Joomla books published by Pack Publishing and I'm reading through them to prepare for the reviews.