Two Upcoming Joomla Book Reviews

Just wanted to post a quick note about two upcoming reviews here on the blog.

I just received two Joomla books published by Pack Publishing and I'm reading through them to prepare for the reviews.

The two books are:

The first one is targeted at beginners and intermediate users. The second title is targeted at developers.

This is what Packt publishing writes about the books:

joomla-1-5x-customizationJoomla! 1.5x Customization

Create and customize a professional Joomla! site that suits your business requirements

  • Adapt your site to get a unique appearance, features, and benefits of your choice
  • Save on development costs by learning how to do professional work yourself and solve common problems with a Joomla! site
  • Step through how to build an effective subscription-based business with Joomla! and market a site effectively
  • Understand and customize modules, plugins, components, and templates
  • A precise book packed with examples and careful explanations

joomla-1-5-development-cookbookJoomla! 1.5 Development Cookbook

  • Simple but incredibly useful solutions to real world Joomla! 1.5 development problems
  • Rapidly extend the Joomla! core functionality to create new and exciting extension
  • Hands-on solutions that takes a practical approach to recipes - providing code samples that can easily be extracted

Update: Read my review

Stay tuned for my reviews of these books.

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