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Every month, each of the major Joomla template clubs release a new template. In this post, you'll get an overview of the premium business Joomla templates released during June 2013. This month, I've also included template from the recently released Nuevvo template club.

This month, templates from Yootheme, RocketTheme, Joomla Bamboo, JoomlArt, JoomlaShack, JoomlaXTC, and Nuevvo are on display. Enjoy!

Nuevvo Webware and JoomlaWorks of K2 fame have just released their new Joomla template club. The club is aimed at providing high quality Joomla templates.

The web is evolving, and Joomla! is evolving with it. Joomla 3 is mobile friendly, bootstrapped and ready for the future. We've already got tags, soon we'll have version control and more is on the horizon. Still, most Joomla! templates are becoming unwieldy monsters. Simple things are hard to do even for advanced users, much because of too complex frameworks and file structures. Nuevvo wants to change that.

The recent upgrade of Joomla to version 2.5 has made me think about the extensions and template providers I use. Whenever I choose a new type of extension for my clients, I take a look at the company's trackrecord. I ask myself some questions to determine if this is a developer I would like to bet my client's money on.

How long have they been around? What does users write online about their products? What do my friends in the Joomla community think about the product? How do they respond to support requests? What is their release cycle? How quickly are they supporting new, major versions of Joomla?

Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 9:

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On more than one occasion I have heard people compare our web design industry with architecture.

It's an easy comparison to make. Websites are a lot like custom designed buildings. The client, for a web site or a building, will approach a designer with a specific set of needs and objectives he or she needs to incorporate into the design. Both may have difficult problems that need to be addressed in an elegant, efficient, and flowing manner. Both need to editorialize and often fit less rather than more. The parallels between the two industries are many.

Finding a great template for your Joomla site can be a challenge. There are tons of free Joomla templates out there, but to be honest: Most of them are junk. Finding quality free Joomla templates is important to ensure you can work smoothly with the content, modules and other extensions you want to include.

In this post I take a look at 9 high-quality free Joomla templates. Made by some of the most renowned template providers in the Joomla community.

All of these templates are made for Joomla 1.5.

Joomla 1.5 installs with three pre-installed templates. These templates are good as a starting point when learning Joomla. Still, if you want to create a Joomla website, you will want to look at other templates as well.

There are a lot of templates out there. Both free and commercial. I usually recommend spending a few dollars on a template from a professional provider if you're creating a business website. You will get those dollars back in less frustrations, better search engine rankings and easier customization. The support is also better (not always, though).

This tutorial will show you how to install a Joomla template and how to get started customizing it.

I regularly scan the unanswered questions in the Joomla forums. Many times, the questions posted have to do with how the output of Joomla is presented. This may have to do with the template, but oftentimes it has to do with the CSS (stylesheet) of the Joomla template.

New users are often unaware of how CSS and Joomla works. There is confusion regarding if the problem relates to the Joomla core, or the template installed.

In this post I will try and give you an overview on how to use CSS in Joomla.

Regularmente reviso las entradas que no han recibido respuesta en los foros de Joomla. Muchas veces, las cuestiones planteadas tienen que ver con la forma en la que se presenta la salida de Joomla. Esto puede tener que ver con el código de la plantilla, pero muchas veces tiene más que ver directamente con el CSS (hoja de estilos) de la plantilla.

Los nuevos usuarios suelen estar poco enterados de cómo funciona el CSS en Joomla. A veces hay incluso confusión acerca de si el problema que se plantea está relacionado con el propio “core” (núcleo) de Joomla o es cosa de la plantilla instalada. En este artículo trataré de daros una panorámica general acerca del uso de las hojas de estilos en Joomla. 

October 2009 Joomla TemplatesOnce again it's time to take a look at what the various Joomla template clubs have to offer.

The October 2009 templates look promising. Let's take a look at what they look like and what kind of functions they feature.

I've looked at templates from RocketTheme, YooTheme, JoomlaBamboo and GavickPro.

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