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YooTheme Warp Menu SystemI get a lot of questions about the menu I use on this blog. Many readers like it and wonder if I've made it myself or if it's a component.

The menu is part of the YooTheme template I'm using.

More specifically it's part of the Warp Template Framework by the same provider. 

links-with-no-menu-itemSometimes, you might want to create a Joomla page that is not available through a menu. You only want the page to appear when the URL is entered. This might be a 'thank you' page after form submission, a log in page or some other type of 'hidden' page you would need on your Joomla site.

Many users ask about this in the Joomla forums and on Twitter. I decided to write a short tutorial on how to set up a link to an element - article or other type of Joomla assett - with no menu item visible on the site.