How to show the most relevant Adsense ads on your site

How to show relevant Adsense ads in JoomlaMaking sure the most relevant ads show up on your blog or website might seem hard to do. Google decides, right?

As you will see from this post, there are several things you may do to help Google present more relevant ads to your users.

First of all, you can set a code in your template to show Google what part of your site contains the actual content. This is what Google calls section targeting.

Section targeting allows you to suggest sections of your text and HTML content that you'd like Google to emphasize or downplay when matching ads to your site's content.

I wouldn't recommend using section targeting until you have a firm grasp of how HTML and Joomla templates work. Although it's not rocket science, you might break things if you start messing with the template too much.

Adsense section targeting code

You use section targeting by setting the following code.

The HTML tags to emphasize a page section take the following format:

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

You can also designate sections you'd like to have ignored by adding a (weight=ignore) to the starting tag:

<!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->

Ignore specific sections

With these tags added to your HTML code, your final code may look like the following:

<title>Section targeting</title>
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

This is the text of your webpage. Most of your content resides here.

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Additionally, you can log in to the Adsense administration and set competing filtres to remove ads from competing sites. Lately, Adsense has also added the option to moderate which ads are shown on your site. You can allow or block individual ads, or a complete web site / publisher.

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