Joomla extensions (12)

It is not easy for a Joomla newbie to define front-end items in the back-end, change module positions, etc. It also takes time to manage the website content since items are divided into separate sections and you need to click a lot to edit them.

JFBConnect is the leading Joomla-Facebook component that offers complete Facebook integration for Joomla powered websites. It allows users to register and log into your site via Facebook in one-click, and includes customizable options for all Facebook social widgets including Like, Comments, Invites, Fanbox and more, all with an easy-to-use configuration area.

Recently, JFBConnect was even chosen by to power-up the Joomla Extension Directory registration process, making it easier for users to register via Facebook, leave reviews, and connect with others in the Joomlasphere. See the JFBConnect JED listing for glowing reviews.

JFBConnect is developed by SourceCoast.

The JCK architecture marks the next generation of internet based editors. With more apps, beautifully crafted interface, superfast performance, state-of-the-art internal linking, out-of-the-box file browsing, web editing has never felt snappier and more responsive.

We’ve been under the hood and Joomla-ised its logic into a seamless and extendable integration. Users can now choose what, plug-ins, layouts, skins, and configure the editor for real-time editing with ease! 
Apps can be used to quickly and simply expand the functionality of the editor and with the largest extension base of all Joomla editors you'll be able - to do much more…

EasyBlog is powerful out-of-the-box blog component for Joomla CMS that allows you to start blogging right away. It supports third party plugins for blog commenting, spam comment filtering, text editing and more. EasyBlog comes with a useful dashboard for instant blogging, blog editing and even draft blogs for future publishing.

Joomla Social Submit is all you need to publish your Joomla contents (K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart, Eventlist, ... it's extendable) to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz,, ... it's extendable too).

Social Media Marketing is now easier with this automated Joomla extension. Just set it up one time, and forget about it.

Mighty Commerce is an e-commerce component for Joomla CMS. It is an ultimate solution for any e-commerce idea that may come to your mind. By means of this component you can sell yourself or allow third-party vendors to sell any type of products including tangible goods, downloads, subscriptions, codes and vouchers.

Mighty Commerce is in fact an integration of different Mighty Extensions components that compose the very advanced component for e-commerce website.

This component allows creating comparison charts and publishing them on your site. Users can add rows and columns to the charts (if you enable this feature as done in this chart). This information should always be approved by administrator.

The component uses JavaScript hiding effect, which allows to collapse columns. This may be very useful if you have big charts.

There're three modules, which are always available in the archive with the component. This archive also contains the plugin, which can show your charts directly in the content.

JoomlaLMS is a learning management system designed as an eLearning component for Joomla! CMS. Pedagogical approach used in the process of the system development makes it easy to use and administer with no technical skills required. The LMS provides a wide range of eLearning functions along with user-friendly interface. Check out the JoomlaLMS website for get more information, take an online demo or download a free trial.

iJoomla Ad Agency is Joomla Banner/Ads Extension designed to help publishers earn revenue by placing ads on their Joomla sites. Advertisers can submit and upload their ads online, buy packages, start campaigns and run reports.

Publishers can do all that on advertisers' behalf, as well as create zones, add payment methods, approve or reject advertisers, ads and campaigns, and a whole lot more. iJoomla Ad Agency gives your Joomla site its very own ad agency -- and it's the only comprehensive ad serving extension for Joomla. If you've got the traffic, iJoomla Ad Server packs everything you need to make money from it.

Freestyle Support Portal allows Joomla users to have an advanced support/helpdesk system on their website. Freestyle Support Portal is different as it features 5 modules within 1 component – these include an advanced ticket support system, FAQs, knowledge base, testimonials and announcements modules.