Joomla blog posts from around the web (30/13)

Joomla blog posts from around the web (30/13)

Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 30, 2013:

  • Joomlacode Update
  • Joomla in a box
  • Make in an impression with the Profile template

Joomlacode Update

Written by Mark Dexter, which hosts the Joomla download files, issue trackers and other Joomla related projects, will be updated this weekend. The underlying GForge code will be updated from an old, out of date version to the current GForge release.  The update will put on a much more solid foundation. (Imagine how we would feel if someone was running an old Joomla version like 1.6.2!) There are many new features and bug fixes in the new GForge version. The update will also make it much easier for us to keep up with new GForge releases going forward.

To install the update, will be down for about two hours, starting Monday at 02:00 GMT (see this link for your time zone). This means that all projects hosted at will be unavailable during this time. This includes download files, auto-update files, issue trackers, code repositories, wikis, and any other resource.

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Joomla in a box

Written by Ercan

You are a Joomla web agency and you have a team of 10 developers and designers working on various projects. Some of your staff is using Ubuntu, most are on Mac OS and a few are still on Windows.  Imagine your team is working on two projects with completely different stacks: Joomla, PHP, server setup, tools, … are all different. How can you develop both projects at the same time and keep everything in sync?  Setup different local servers, one for each project? That’s a lot of overhead. Work remotely all the time, slow and time consuming.

Use a tool like WAMP or MAMP or a set of command line scripts for Bash, … All great options, yet none of them are ideal.  What about when a new developer joins your team? He will need to spend half a day setting up his machine. And another half for that new project coming up. Time lost from actual coding work.  What about fixing that nasty bug your co-worker reported but you still cannot replicate? It works on your machine, right?

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Make in an impression with the Profile template

Written by Anthony Olsen

One of the more common requests we receive is for us to design a simple one page design. While our slider and scroller themes from back in 2007 were one of the first Joomla templates to use this as a concept, we haven't really touched that style since then, so this month we decided to go a little "one page crazy".  In addition to the One Page template we released a week ago and the modified Motion theme which now supports one page mode, I would like to present a new and beautiful one page design. It's name is Profile.

The Profile Joomla template is an elegant design that is ideal for those situations where you need to create a professional web presence but don't need a full blown website. It's a lightweight, framework-free  one page design with a tonne of personality. Check out the links below to find out more information.

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