Joomla blog posts from around the web (16/13)

Joomla blog posts from around the web (16/13)

Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 16:

  • Sink or Swim
  • Future of the VEL team
  • Zentools update plus some details about v2.
  • SEO Mobile 2013 Contest Announcement
  • JCal Pro released

Sink or Swim

Written by Brian Teeman

I am not a strong swimmer OR remotely fit and I thought I should do something about that. The venue for J and Beyond has a great swimming pool so encourage me to stop talking and get in that pool by sponsoring me, please.  I will be raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSHCC) in London by swimming 1km. That might not seem a lot to some of you but as I don't think I have swum more than 25 metres for over 20 years it's a heck of a long way for me.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSHCC) need to raise £50 million each year to help rebuild and refurbish Great Ormond Street Hospital, buy vital equipment and fund essential research. Amazing things happen at Great Ormond Street Hospital every day. With your help we can keep the magic alive for our very ill children & their families. Find out where your donation will go.

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Future of the VEL team

Written by Mandville

VEL team have organised the Vulnerable Extensions List on behalf of the Joomla community. Since then the list has been hosted on the pages.The VEL team felt that now was the time to move the vel project onto its own website.

This site will be run by the current vel team, and maintaining the current close relationship between the joomla core project and the extension developers will be placed on a new subdomain,  The move to the a seperate website will enable the team to:

  • Be more versatile in its operation.
  • Have more user friendly features.
  • The abilility to mark and identify resolved items more easily.

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Zentools update plus some details about v2.

Written by Anthony Olson

The next major update to Zentools is now available and although it's not the major v2 milestone I was hoping for it's a worthwhile update for anyone using Zentools.  There are a number of important bug fixes in this release and importantly some fixes for the lightbox which seemed to have some trouble in some browsers (not mentioning any names) when it came to keeping track of responsive images and dynamic lightbox resizing. 

The update also includes a couple of new effects (including a grayscale option for images) but the main focus of this release is to decouple it from the JB Library and the Zen Grid Framework. So now Zentools is a completely stand alone extension and handles all of the image processing and asset management by itself. We have also reorganised the asset location so it's all located in the media/mod_zentools folder.

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SEO Mobile 2013 Contest Announcement

Written by Jessica Dunbar

Our mobile SEO contest came to a close this past week.  To celebrate the launch of sh404sef for Joomla 3, we ran two contests. The first contest was Twitter-based, and winners were randomly selected from people tweeting our #JoomlaSEO hashtag.  A special thank-you goes out to everyone who tweeted about this mobile seo contest. It created a lot of social buzz about the release of sh404SEF® for Joomla 3.0.

With almost 900 entries over the 5 week contest duration, our event was a great success. We gave away 5 subscriptions our SEO software, sh404SEF®.  Our winners include Jeff Mayland, who we had the pleasure of meeting in last year at the Joomla World Conference in San Jose.

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JCal Pro released

Written by Ron van Schaik

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of JCal Pro® 3.2.4 (build 2423), which is fully compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.1!  This is a maintenance and feature release.  Most notably this release introduces support for Joomla 3 including a responsive theme and administrator panel, as well as improvement in the Email Manager based on user feedback. 

Be sure to check our blog in the coming weeks for JCal Pro® related post exploring some of the advanced features of JCal Pro® 3 so that you will be able to take full advantage of your subscription.  Changelog Updates:

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