Other software (3)

mac-video-to-ipad1Just wanted to put up a follow-up on the post 10 things to know about Joomla and the iPad from earlier this week.

If you're a Mac user, you might want to convert video from your Mac and show it on the iPad.

For a limited time you can download a software that does this - completely free!

I thought this was a nice offer, and since many of you readers are Mac users I wanted to give you the opportunity to check it out.

crazyeggCrazyEgg allows you to track your users clicks on a website. This is especially useful when analysing page layouts and the effectiveness of page elements to call a user to an action.

The way crazyegg works is different from Google Analytics and other tracking software. It gives you visual aids to determine the correct placement of elements on a page.

I use Crazyegg to find out where people click, what elements are used by them and if people find particular menu items and links. On this site, I’ve utilized Crazyegg to determine the placement of the large ad and tabs in the right hand column, to mention some.

Cloud softwareA while ago, Anthony Olsen over at Joomla Bamboo wrote a blog post about the software he uses daily to manage his business and get things done. This post is my view on the same subject.

However, I want to focus on the cloud software I use. That is, the online software I use daily. During the last couple of years I have put more and more of my information into online services. It frees me from a particular physical workspace. Thus, I can leave my computer at home and be able to do most of my work on any computer with internet access.

This approach has several benefits as I see it. Backup is taken care of, you’re not locked to a particular computer and software updates are done in the background. Web based services are also platform independent, so I can access the same information from any computer with a browser. It's also a great advantage when people in your team are scattered across the country, or in my case, across the globe.