Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 14)

Joomla blog posts from around the webHere are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 14.

Brian takes a new shot at the Joomla Supporters Club idea, Alledia has a piece on how to automatically add joomla links to keywords, RocketTheme branches out to other areas (WP) and more.


BrianTeeman: Joomla Supporters Club - Revisited

Written by Brian Teeman

Almost a year a go I wrote a proposal for a "Joomla Supporters Club"

Unfortunately perhaps the timing wasn't right and despite positive comments from the Joomla community the idea sadly fell on deaf ears, which suprised me as it was one of the most read items on this blog in the year.

Read the complete post here.... How to Automatically Add Joomla Links to Keywords

This tutorial is the answer to two questions we've been asked repeatedly:

1. How can I automatically link keywords to the appropriate websites?
2. How can I use internal links for links on my site?

Read the complete post here....

Communityjoomla: New Demo Site

Written by Wendy Robinson

Open Source Matters and the Community Leadership Team are pleased to announce that has been selected to manage the Joomla! Demo Site.

We were particularly impressed with Cloud Access’ embrace of the goal to “Provide users who are considering the Joomla!® content management system with a simple and reliable way to try out its major features.”

Read the complete post here....

Alltogetherasawhole: Pretty links in Joomla - what is the most solid approach?

Written by Svein Wisnaes

I have a blog where I will keep using WordPress just to stay on top of what is going on there. And one thing i really LOVE about WordPress is how simple it is to get it to use pretty links.

Basically, set up the format you want and be done with it. So I use links like this:

Read the complete post here....

Joomlaworks: Joomla!Sphere web app for the iPhone

Posted by Fotis Evangelou

We just launched the iPhone version of our popular Joomla! news aggregator:

Check it out ;)

Read the complete post here....

RocketTheme: RocketTheme Racing Team

Written by Andy Miller

RocketTheme continues to grow and branch out from our traditional Joomla roots into new areas such as phpBB3, WordPress and our upcoming Drupal Theme club. We've also been extensively developing our GPL Gantry Framework project for Joomla and this has been a huge success. We are deep in development on a WordPress version too, and we'll be bringing Gantry to other platforms in time.

Read the complete post here....

JFoobar: Profilers, profiles and profiling

Written by Wilco Jansen

It has been a while since I have been able to write any kind of blog due to insane busy schedule and lots of travel (almost Platinum member in less then 4 months :-D). Having some days off (and with that time to start writing) I ran into a discussion on the Joomla CMS development mailing list talking about the performance of Joomla 1.6 compared to Joomla 1.5.

Read the complete post here....

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