chosen as new partner for Joomla demo sites

Cloud Access - free Joomla demo siteOpen Source Matters and the Community Leadership Team announced today that has been selected to manage the Joomla! Demo Site.

OSM were particularly impressed with Cloud Access’ embrace of the goal to “Provide users who are considering the Joomla!® content management system with a simple and reliable way to try out its major features.” The Cloud Access team has excellent knowledge of Joomla! and will ensure that new users have sites that are set up optimally in terms of file ownership and other issues.

30-day free trial of Joomla

Their cloud-based solution will let new users have a thirty day account that they can manage completely and use to build a working Joomla! site. Users will be able to easily move their sites to their own hosts or, if they wish, can sign up with Cloud Access as a host. This approach will eliminate some of the issues created with a multi-user demonstration site (such as content being scrubbed every hour and the inability to control changes by other people).

With the new system, you can experience the power of Joomla! free for 30 days on’s optimized Joomla! cloud hosting platform. No credit card is required and you can convert your trial account into an active CloudAccess account at any time.

Cloud Access templatesTemplates

Cloud Access have teamed up with several template developers, among them Joomla Bamboo, YouJoomla and JoomlaPraise. This allows them to provide templates for their Joomla customers as part of the cloud hosting package.

Financial contribution to the Joomla project

Although of secondary importance, the Joomla! Project will benefit financially from royalties on any users who sign up for professional hosting at Cloud Access:

Jumpstart your site design with a Joomla! template. Choose a template from one of the many Joomla! template vendors for little or no cost. It's a great way to jumpstart your site's look and feel. Templates install quickly, and can be applied to your site with just a couple clicks. Voila! Your site is transformed.

Active in the Joomla community

Cloud Access LLC, located in Michigan, USA, have worked for months preparing the demo site system. They have increased their staff several hundred percent and invested in the most modern servers available since getting this assignment.

Gary J. Brooks of Cloud Access is active in the Joomla! community, including serving as an member of the Joomla! Resources Directory team.

Gary said “We love working with Joomla! for our customers, and we think it will only become more powerful and popular with 1.6 and beyond. This is a great opportunity for our company to help Joomla! grow even further.”

Open Source Matters wants to thank all of those companies that responded to the request for proposals for their efforts.

They say:

It is great to have such a large number of  hosts that are enthusiastic about working with the Joomla! project.

Click here to read more about the 30-day free Joomla account

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